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High elastic lining
High elasticity, good resilience, perfect match with the stretch of gaotan fabric
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Yellowing resistant lining
Yellowing resistance of rubber powder Excellent adhesion and washability Perfect internal detection system to ensure yellowing resistance
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Enzyme resistant washing lining
With high quality adhesive, it has excellent durability for garment dyeing and high temperature washing; Prevent the fabric from cracking or peeling after washing; Effectively maintain the original feel of the fabric.
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Impervious rubber lining
Select special adhesive; Especially suitable for smooth and thin fabric; Effectively prevent glue penetration and reflection; At the same time, it has strong adhesion and washability.
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Coating refractory lining
With special adhesive, it has good adhesive strength and transfer effect for the super slippery and heavy silicone oil finishing fabric; Keep good elasticity and feel; Excellent durability after dry cleaning and water washing.
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Linings for ultrathin fabrics
Light and soft handle, suitable for ultra-thin fabrics, such as chiffon; Keep the original handle and elasticity of fabric; Prevent wrinkle or glue penetration.
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