What kind of fabric is imitation silk


What kind of fabric is imitation silk? Silk like fabric is made of polyester. It looks very similar to silk in texture and feels smooth, but the price is about 2/3 cheaper. Burn the edge of the silk material with fire. If it is real silk, there is no open fire. It has the smell of burning hair. The silk becomes a black particle, which can be crushed by hand; The imitation silk will ignite in case of fire, and a hard rubber block will be left at the edge after the fire is extinguished. In addition, the silk like fabric is obviously reflective from the outside, and its texture is relatively thin; Real silk has light absorption performance. It looks smooth but does not have a mirror surface. The silk thread is relatively dense. The higher the purity, the greater the density, and the better the feel.
Before chemical fiber products, they were all natural fibers, such as cotton cloth, linen, wool fabrics, and silk fabrics. After the emergence of chemical fibers, although they had their unique advantages, such as strength, color fastness, washability and straightness of polyester, they also had natural disadvantages. Therefore, chemical fiber facing materials should try every means to imitate some characteristics and advantages of natural fabrics, such as the natural luster of silk fabrics is very good, soft and unique feel, and has a silky sound, There is a kind of chemical fiber fabric that imitates these characteristics. This kind of fabric is called silk like fabric. Polyester filament fabrics are basically silk like fabrics. Of course, there are wool like fabrics and cotton like fabrics. These are a large class of fabrics. For a specific fabric, there must be specific specifications.
Imitation silk is polyester imitation fabric. Silk, as its name implies, is a kind of fabric with a style similar to that of silk made from materials other than silk through weaving, printing and dyeing. To be specific, it mainly uses polyester (polyester) yarn to weave light and thin fabrics, and then through the "alkali decrement" treatment in printing and dyeing, the surface of polyester yarn will be corroded into some uneven small pits, so as to enhance the air permeability effect and make up for the stuffy and impermeable defects of polyester. Then, through soft finishing and anti-static finishing, the water absorption of the fabric is enhanced, which is closer to the feeling of real silk.