Intertextile surface accessories exhibition | functional fabrics: extend the application scenario and improve the added value of clothing products


With the increasing diversification of people's needs, the fabric has already gone beyond the simple and crude traditional functionality, followed by the high added value and high-tech content leading the trend, coupled with the continuous development of new raw material preparation methods, weaving technology and finishing technology, as well as the improvement of people's requirements, the transformation from a single functional product to a multi-function composite has become an inevitable trend.
The functional fabric exhibitors at home and abroad in the 2022 intertextile surface accessories exhibition continue to introduce new products. This season, they bring a variety of new multi-functional composite fabrics, including high elastic fabrics, multi-functional cashmere wool fabrics, ice sensitive fabrics, low-carbon zero carbon fabrics, moisture absorption and sweat wicking fabrics, UV resistant and sunscreen fabrics, fire retardant fabrics, cold resistant fabrics, etc., committed to extending the application scenarios and improving the added value of clothing products.