Functional fabrics are recognized by the market


Warm keeping is the main shopping hot spot of winter clothes. As long as it is warm enough, style is not important. In recent years, the villains who once did not wear trousers have gradually put on them.
In recent years, there are more and more choices in warm clothes, from the fluffy warm underwear before to various multi-functional fabrics, German velvet, self heating and other autumn clothes and trousers. Not to mention whether these fabrics have such magical effects or not, only the merchants have racked their brains to make the clothes warmer, which has demonstrated the current market demand.
Not only that, but now more and more sportswear has become warm and light. Stimulated by the "Winter Olympics economy", the domestic functional fabric industry is ushering in new development opportunities.
A person in charge of the company said that at present, the functional fabrics of the company are mainly divided into sustainable series, lightweight series, non ammonia bomb K9 series and high-performance four series. This year, orders of Sanfeng ushered in explosive growth. This year, the company launched a new product, which is favored by outdoor sports brands at home and abroad because of its superior wear resistance, tear resistance and low carbon environmental protection.
Some analysts said that taking advantage of the Winter Olympics, the clothing industry segment market is expected to usher in rapid growth. In addition, the national trend and national style will continue to lead the new trend of the domestic clothing market, which also brings new opportunities for many clothing enterprises.
In fact, not only the Winter Olympics, functional fabrics and environment-friendly fabrics also have a good market in peacetime. Although many people think that the textile industry is already a sunset industry, there is still a great development prospect from the perspective of product quality. After all, more and more consumers prefer what is easy to wear rather than just looks good.
At the time of the new wind, many garment enterprises have accelerated their transformation to functional fabric subdivision track.