Differences between silk fabrics and silk like fabrics


Now there is a kind of fabric on the market, which looks very similar to silk in texture and feels smooth, but the price is much cheaper. Because the price of silk like fabric is relatively cheap, many people will choose to buy it, and businesses are beginning to cater to consumers, which has caused many problems for those who want to buy real silk. What are the differences between silk like fabric and silk like fabric? How to identify real silk and imitation silk? Xiao Bian will show you!
1、 Differences between silk fabrics and silk like fabrics
1. Silk fabric
Real silk is the cocoon made from the silk spun by the silkworm, and then the silk drawn from the cocoon. To put it simply, real silk is the silk spun by the silkworm, and rayon is the silk processed by chemical methods. Raw silk is relative to rayon. Real silk is natural silk rather than rayon. A simple way to identify silk and rayon * is to burn it. There is a smell of paste. The burnt place will not form a ball. It is real silk that turns to ash with a twist of hands; It is rayon that will form balls after burning and has no stink.
2. Silk like fabric
The silk like fabric is made of polyester, which imitates the characteristics of real silk. It is thin, soft and easy to touch the skin. It is stronger than silk. But after all, it is imitated, and the texture is not as good as silk. Silk like fabric is obviously reflective from the outside, and its texture is relatively thin, but its color is not as soft as that of real silk, which is harsh, neat, easy to crease, and difficult to recover.
2、 How to identify real silk fabric and imitation silk
1. Appearance
This is our intuitive way to distinguish between silk and silk like fabrics. The appearance of silk fabrics is elegant and soft, like the luster of pearls; Soft, smooth, elastic and easy to wrinkle; The color of silk like appearance is not as soft as that of real silk, which is harsh, neat, easy to crease, and difficult to recover. When we buy this kind of bedding, we can preliminarily determine whether it is real silk or imitation silk based on our feel.
2. Burn
The silk fiber burns slowly and shrinks into a ball. When burning, it emits a smell of burning hair. There is no open fire. After burning, it will form fragile dark brown particles; The silk like fabric will have flame when it meets fire, and there will be hard rubber blocks on the edge after burning. When we are consulting on purchase, we can ask the shopping guide if you have a broken head? Then take the severed head and burn it.
3. Look at the product number
The article number is composed of five Arabic numerals, which are from left to right. The full silk fabric (including mulberry silk and spun silk) is "1".
4. Specific price
The price of pure silk fabric is about twice that of chemical fiber and silk like satin. So, don't believe some bad merchants. The things they give you are very cheap, and they may be fakes. In fact, we can find more companies to compare prices. There is too much difference, so you have a basic idea.